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Posted by Steve Reiter on July 9, 2017

Please come to a DPW Committee meeting to give support to the proposed Euclid Bike Lane plan. The meeting is this Tuesday, July 11th at 5pm in the Common Council Chambers, on the third floor of City Hall, 233 East Washington St. 13202

Members of BikeCNY were given an opportunity to review the current plan and were pleased. We believe it will create a much safer cycling experience and is an acceptable compromise with those who believe that parking must be maintained.

We can expect that there will members of the loyal opposition in attendance, making their position known.  A strong presence by bike lane supporters will help the plan move forward.  



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Posted by Steve Reiter on April 28, 2017

A Bike Lane for Euclid? from Jessica Suarez on Vimeo.

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Study shows people favor bicycle lanes on Syracuse’s Euclid Avenue | WRVO Public Media

Posted by Steve Reiter on April 13, 2015

ESF professor Melissa Fierke was interviewed by WRVO’s Ellen Abbott. It was broadcast tonight.

Study shows people favor bicycle lanes on Syracuse’s Euclid Avenue | WRVO Public Media.

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Daily Orange article about Euclid Bike Lanes

Posted by Steve Reiter on April 2, 2015

Check it out.

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Euclid Bike Ride Cold and Fun

Posted by Steve Reiter on March 30, 2015

Gathering Before the Ride

Gathering Before the Ride

Despite the 18 degree temperature, 16 brave soles (hah hah, I meant “souls”, though our soles were brave, too), including 2 children!, came out for Saturday morning’s (3/21) ride in support of bike lanes on Euclid Ave.  That’s only slightly less than 1 cyclist per degree fahrenheit!  Wait until it gets warmer. Starting at the corner of Euclid and Westcott, we rode west on Euclid, following the cycle track that begins at Comstock down Waverly and University, and continuing on the bike lanes on E. Genesee to Almond St., where we turned around and retraced our path back to the start.  Some of us then joyfully commiserated over hot drinks and snacks at the Mello Velo Cafe. Members of BikeCNY were among riders from BikeEuclid, SEUNA, WNA, and ESF who also came out to show their support.

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Agenda for March 17 BikeCNY Meeting

Posted by Steve Reiter on March 15, 2015

Please join us for another rousing meeting. 7:00 – 8:30pm at Mello Velo Cafe, 556 Westcott St. This Tuesday, we will be addressing the following topics: Portable Bike Racks; the University Cycle Track; a recent WRVO Interview; the Lake Front TNT Escrow Project Bike Rack; Onondaga Creek Walk Phase 2; Bike Safety Press Release; Euclid Ave. Bike Lane Press Release; MovingDewitt; how best to include other local cycling, transportation, and advocacy efforts; and more. Come be a part of making Syracuse a better place to get around on your bike.  We look forward to seeing you.

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Agenda for Upcoming BikeCNY Meeting – February 17, 2015

Posted by Steve Reiter on February 10, 2015

Please join us in one week, on Tuesday February 17th at 7pm for the monthly BikeCNY meeting. 

Topics up for discussion include:
  • Review the 1/28/2015 Common Council DPW Committee meeting on the University Hill Bike Network Project.
  • Work on press release for public Service regarding bike safety in April or May.
  • Progress on Portable temporary bike racks for events?
  • Update on opening the University Avenue cycle-track in the bookstore block.
  • What can be done to move the Euclid Bike infrastructure forward.
  • Report on Moving DeWitt meeting on Feb 11.
  • Report on Active Transportation Advocacy Day in Albany on Feb 2.

We will be meeting at Mello Velo Cafe.  Click here for directions to Mello Velo.

We look forward to having you join us.

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Cycle Track in on Waverly and Comstock

Posted by Steve Reiter on October 30, 2014

I just rode my bike back from an event on the SU campus, on Waverly, near Comstock.  I was surprised that the cycle tracks were already in place along Waverly and Comstock south to Euclid.

The cycle track runs along the south side of Waverly and connects with the track on the west side of Comstock.  Both roads have been reduced to two lanes of auto traffic.

On Waverly, bike traffic is separated from auto traffic by marked parking for a row of cars and a 2-foot striped strip (to decrease the possibility of dooring).  With some minor exceptions, all the cars were parked where they were supposed to be, providing a comforting barrier between where I was riding and moving traffic.

It was a pleasure to use them, actually… but being it was dark, and not knowing how the left turn was supposed to work, I just kept going south on Comstock past Euclid.

Paul Mercurio mentioned that there will be more happening to facilitate access to the cycle track from Euclid, but it is not clear to me when that will occur or what it will look like.  My understanding is that the cycle track also connects with the University Ave. cycle track, which now makes the University Ave. track more valuable to get to and from downtown (with the obvious exception of the dirt covering the track at the stalled bookstore construction on University Ave).

Go give it a try.

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