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Bike Lanes in NYC – slower and more dangerous?

Posted by Steve Reiter on September 27, 2010

Take a look at this video of bike lane use in New York City.  Slow riders, pedestrians, trucks, taxis, left-turning cars, car doors… and a carpet… add up to lack of safety for riders who have a long way to go and are comfortable riding faster.


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Onondaga County Transportation and Community Planning Survey

Posted by Steve Reiter on September 21, 2010

Onondaga County is conducting an online survey (as well as a statistically sampled mailed survey) addressing issues of community planning and transportation.  Please fill out the online form here:  If you also receive a paper copy in the mail, please fill that out also, as they are being tabulated separately.

  • assess residents’ values and attitudes toward land development and infrastructure investments,
  • test acceptance of a variety of concepts in land use and transportation planning, and
  • help understand residents travel habits and desired improvements to the transportation system.

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