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Biking in Syracuse in the Winter

Posted by Steve Reiter on November 12, 2014

An article just appeared in the Syracuse New Times about cycling in the winter in Syracuse. Here it is:


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Wow! Pittsburgh’s Bike/Ped/Transit-friendly Mayor

Posted by Steve Reiter on November 6, 2014

From the description by the creators of this video:

Pittsburgh’s Mayor Peduto Wants to “Leapfrog” Your City in Bicycling & Livability

from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

Mayor Bill Peduto is putting the rest of the United States on notice. His city is on the rise and he fully intends on implementing bicycling, walking and complete streets policies that enhance and make his city more attractive to young talent and business. For the first time in over half a century, Pittsburgh is expecting an increase in residents as the trend in the number of people moving back to cities grows.

In September, the ProWalk ProBike ProPlace conference took place in Pittsburgh and the energy of the city was on display as was Mayor Peduto, who was very active at the event. The hope local advocates have for the mayor is apparent as Pittsburgh has implemented its first true protected bike lanes downtown and is looking to create a more multi-modal city that more fairly balances transportation modes.

When talking with the Mayor it's immediately obvious how well-versed in urbanism and the history of cities he is. Even so, he went on a study tour with The Green Lane Project to experience some of the best bicycling in Denmark this past summer.

Our interview with Mayor Peduto touches on quite a few topics of Streetfilms' audience will love. There is a real momentum: cities across the country have been electing mayors who understand one of the keys to growing a city is having equitable transportation policies that work for all people.

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