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24 Hours of b.i.k.e.-Syracuse… June 9–10

Posted by Steve Reiter on May 31, 2007

The “24 Hours of b.i.k.e.-Syracuse” is a charity ride to benefit the inner city children of Syracuse. The event is looking for riders to bring in pledge money and volunteers for staffing.

For those who are unfamiliar with b.i.k.e.-Syracuse, it is a non-profit “inner-city bike club” that mentors children from the ages of 8-14 through a program that provides academic support, bicycle outings and mentoring to children who live in an area of Syracuse that is plagued by poverty, crime and high unemployment. Using bikes to capture the hearts of these children, the program works with the Syracuse School District and others to build self-esteem and a supportive environment that is focused on empowering these at risk children towards a better future.

For more information about the event and how you can get involved please visit the event website.

In addition, checkout this writeup in the Syracuse Post Standard as well.

This write-up was reproduced from an email written by Wayne Miner to the Onondaga Cycling Club mailing list. Thanks, Wayne.


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Helmet saves man when truck runs over his head –

Posted by Steve Reiter on May 16, 2007

Yes. Wear your helmet! Wear your helmet! Wear your helmet!

In the article Helmet saves man when truck runs over his head on, Ryan Lipscomb, 26, says he was riding on a bike path in Madison, WI, when he came to an intersection. When he saw that a delivery truck was preparing to turn right in front of him, he jammed on his brakes, flipping his bike and throwing him in the path of the truck… which ran over his head.

The truck didn’t stop. Police initially weren’t sure whether to declare this a hit-and-run, as they weren’t sure the driver knew that someone was run over. Ummm… Can you imagine running over something as big as a head with a helmet on it and not thinking to check out what that might have been?

Anyway, the helmet obviously saved his head from damage.

Read the full article and see a picture of the guy and his helmet at the link above.

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News Coverage of Bike to Work Week Proclamation

Posted by Steve Reiter on May 10, 2007

John Frantzen, who is a frequent commenter on this blog, who was also present at the yesterday’s proclamation at City Hall, brought this news release to my attention. You can read it below. But if you’d like to also see a video of the event, go to the News10Now Site.

“Bike CNY” encourages pedaling to work
5/9/2007 7:13 PM
By: Staff

A Syracuse group is offering its solution to high gas prices. Pedal to work!

It sounds obvious, but “Bike CNY” says making the shift will reduce pollution and improve the health of those pedaling to the office each day. Still, they say some additional steps are needed from the city.

A Syracuse group is offering its solution to high gas prices. Pedal to work!

“If we can establish safe routes within the city that are designated as bike routes with bike lanes where we need them, more people will bike. I mean, there are studies that indicate that there are lots of people in this area who have bikes, and they just choose not to ride them because they don’t feel it’s quite safe enough,” said John Allen, of Bike CNY.”

City Hall said it’s working on designating more bike routes to help encourage more riders.

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Bike to Work Week Proclamation

Posted by Steve Reiter on May 9, 2007

Today at 11am, Syracuse Mayor Matt Driscoll proclaimed May 14 through 18, 2007 as Bike to Work Week.


Both John Murray and John Allen spoke during the presentation.

John Murray

John Allen at Mic

John Allen also spoke with two reporters representing local TV stations , as can be seen in these dramatic photos.

John Allen InterviewJohn Allen at Mic 2 Read the rest of this entry »

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Bike to Work Week – May 14 – 18

Posted by Steve Reiter on May 9, 2007

May is Bike to Work Month. May 14 – 18 is Bike to Work Week. And May 18 is Bike to Work Day. We are hoping that folks take advantage of the beautiful springtime weather to try out biking to work. With gas prices creeping farther above $3.00 a gallon, isn’t it high time you got started?

During Bike to Work Week, folks who bring use their bike to ride to work can use CENTRO for free on the way home if the weather is inclement or there is some other reason you just want to use the bus. All you need do is bring your bike and put it on the front of the bus.

By the way, I used to commute to work on a regular basis. But now that I work out of my home… well, I just have to get out on my bike for other reasons, utilitarian and not.

If you’re not sure how to get started, though, this e-book will give you all the information you need. It can be found at and costs $12.95. There’s an excerpt available for free so you can get a sense of whether the book is what you want.

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Bike to Work Week – Press Conference at City Hall

Posted by Steve Reiter on May 8, 2007

In preparation for Bike to Work Week (May 14th – 18th), there will be a press conference at city hall tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 11am. The mayor is planning to participate.

If you have the flexibility and desire to attend, your presence would be appreciated as we continue to forge energy for a more bicycle friendly city.

I hope to see you there… and sorry for the short notice.

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