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Governor Cuomo Proposes 750-Mile “Empire State Trail”

Posted by Steve Reiter on January 19, 2017

Elevating Erie is thrilled.  So are we.  Read about it here:

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Cycle in the City 10/2

Posted by Steve Reiter on September 27, 2016

Wow! It is almost October.

The next, and last for the year, ride will be next Sunday, October 2nd, beginning around 9 am at the Creek Walk trailhead in Armory Square (Jefferson Street on the circle around the M.O.S.T.)
The short route (10 miles) is relatively flat with the major hill being on Summit Avenue going to Upper Onondaga Park.
The long route (16 miles) follows the short route but with a 6 mile loop that has significant hills since it passes by the lower entrance to Onondaga Community College.
On the long route, John Allen plans to lead the loop in the opposite direction than indicated on the map. This means that the uphills will be steeper and the downhills less steep but longer. It is safer because it avoids speeding down Glenwood Avenue past the Bellevue Country Club and having to stop to check the traffic on Bellevue and it avoids the steep downhill on McDonald Rd that, to him, could result in a serious accident, and having to stop at Velasko Rd. Anyway, we have done the route in the map direction twice, but never in this direction. Walking part of the hill is permitted.
Hope to see you for the rides.

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Funds Available for Extending Lake Trail and Creekwalk, and enhance the Connective Corridor

Posted by Steve Reiter on September 23, 2016

From an article by Mark Weiner in today’s Post-Standard:

The federal government will provide almost $10 million to extend the Onondaga Creekwalk in Syracuse and build a new section of the recreation trail looping around Onondaga Lake.

The grant money also will pay for $475,000 worth of additions to the Connective Corridor linking Syracuse University to downtown, New York’s two U.S. senators said Wednesday.

The $10 million had been earmarked for other Syracuse-area transportation projects in 2005, but for unexplained reasons it was never spent. Federal rules blocked the grants from being used for other projects.

U.S. senators Charles Schumer and Kirsten Gillibrand backed legislation that gave the Federal Highway Administration and state Department of Transportation the flexibility to repurpose the money. The grants will help pay for:

› An extension of the Onondaga Lake recreation trail for 2.8 miles from the New York State Fair area to the southern shore in Syracuse. The federal government would provide $5 million toward the $13.3 million project. When complete, it would connect the lake trail with the Onondaga Creekwalk and Erie Canal trail.

› An extension of the Onondaga Creekwalk from Armory Square south for 2.2 miles to West Colvin Street. The federal government would provide $4 million for the pedestrian and bike trail along Onondaga Creek.

› About $475,000 worth of improvements on East Genesee Street as part of the Syracuse Connective Corridor. The corridor provides bike paths and other infrastructure to link Syracuse University with downtown Syracuse.

Under new federal rules, the Federal Highway Administration can now redirect federal funds earmarked for specific projects if the money remains unspent for more than 10 years.

Schumer had previously supported Onondaga County’s application for a $10 million competitive federal grant for the lake trail project, but the county did not make the final cut for funding. Contact Mark Weiner by email or at 571-970-3751.

Cyclists pedal along the west shore trail around Onondaga Lake last year. Money will go to make improvements and extend the trail. Michael Greenlar/

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Posted by Steve Reiter on December 1, 2015

The Syracuse Metropolitan Transportation Council will host a public meeting this Thursday, December 3 at 5:30 p.m. to share potential permanent route options for connecting the Erie Canalway Trail between Camillus and DeWitt, as well as conceptual ideas for transforming specific locations along these routes.

The meeting will take place at the Museum of Science & Technology (500 South Franklin Street) in Syracuse (use entrance across from Sound Garden).

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Crucial DPW Committee Meeting on Monday

Posted by Steve Reiter on November 27, 2015

THE CITY OF SYRACUSE COMMON COUNCIL DPW COMMITTEE MEETS MONDAY NOVEMBER 30TH AT 5:00 PM in Common Council Chambers to Discuss the University Bike Plan.

The Council has been asked to approve funds for designing and implementing this project and there are many questions about it and there is also opposition to it.

If you want to have improved bike infrastructure in the University Area, then please come to this meeting and demonstrate and voice your support.

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Cycle in the City Ride Sunday Oct 4th

Posted by Steve Reiter on October 2, 2015

The October Cycle in the City ride will be this coming Sunday (October 4th) at 9 am beginning at the trail head of the Creek Walk in Armory Square (Jefferson Street). This is the last ride for this year.

Both the short ride and the long ride will use the same route, with a couple of extensions to make the long route longer. The short route is about 11.6 miles long. The long route has an additional loop of about a mile and then a ride out the Creek Walk to Onondaga Lake (and back) at the end.

The route uses a few streets that we have not used (or used much) including Milton Avenue, Green Street, Butternut Street, and Rugby. The routes should be on the City and County (Health Dept) website in the next day or two, hopefully, at

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Cycle in the City – Sunday Sep 13th

Posted by Steve Reiter on September 10, 2015

Join a bevy of other folks, both new and experienced cyclists, for another Cycle in the City
When: Sun, September 13, 10am – 12:00 pm
Where: Creekwalk Trailhead, Jefferson St., at the west end of the Armory, Downtown, Syracuse, NY (map)
CYCLE IN THE CITY is a series of FREE guided bicycle rides through Syracuse on various Sundays throughout the year. The last two for 2015 are this coming Sunday, September 13, and Sunday October 4. Please note the new location. The Rides this Sunday start at 10:00 a.m. No registration is required. The Basic ride is 13 miles, but there is also an 18 mile route.
Helmets are required! Riders must be age 12 or older. Questions? Call 435-3280.
Here is a link to the ride maps for this Sunday.
Routes will be posted the week before each ride at

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Cycle in the City this Sunday 8/16

Posted by Steve Reiter on August 14, 2015

Cycle in the City

Free Guided Bike Rides in Syracuse

Choose a 10 or 16 mile Ride.

Rides start at 9am, Sunday August 16 at Jefferson Street in Armory Square at the Creekwalk Trailhead.



Route for this Ride:

Other dates:  September 13, October 4

For more information call 435-3280

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Ride Leaders and Support Riders Wanted for Cycle in the City

Posted by Steve Reiter on April 29, 2015

The city of Syracuse and Onondaga County Health Department sponsors monthly Sunday morning group rides during bicycle season. The schedule for the 2015 Cycle in the City rides can be found below.
SundayMay 17
SundayJune 21
SundayJuly 19
SundayAugust 16
SundaySeptember 13
SundayOctober 4
The rides are a lot of fun and a great way to meet and network with fellow bicyclists.  The rides also provide a safe ride for  less experienced riders and help them to gain confidence in their ability ride on the city streets and town roads.  My hope is that eventually the less experienced riders will ride more and more on their own on the city streets and town roads.  This will help every one because more  bike riders will lead to more attentive drivers and safer rides for everyone.
The Cycle in the City rides start at 9:00 am.  The rides begin and end at Armory Square at the Onondaga Creek Walk Trail Head – on West Jefferson Street near the Sound Garden and the MOST.  The rides are free.  Every month there are different routes that wind through different parts of the city and adjacent towns.   In the week before the Cycle in the City ride, the ride routes are posted on the Onondaga County Health Department web page.  There are printed copies of the map routes available at the start of the ride.
The hope is to have 2 different rides.  One ride is approximately 10 miles long and the other ride is approximately 20 miles long.  In order to to heve 2 rides, we need volunteer 6 ride leaders for each Cycle in the City.   We would like 3 leaders each for the 10 mile ride and the 20 mile ride .   One ride leader is at the front end, one at the rear end and one in the middle of the pack to try to keep the riders  together.
We would also like one person for each ride to be a support rider. This support rider would ride with his or her bike tool / tire patch / frame pump kit and ride towards the rear of the ride.  They would help less experienced riders that have flat tires or minor mechanical issues, to continue the ride.
If you are  able to assist as a volunteer ride leader or support rider for one or more of the scheduled Cycle in the City rides, send a message using the contact form and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

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The Bike Lane Blockade in Syracuse | NYBC

Posted by Steve Reiter on April 13, 2015

The New York Bicycling Coalition picked up the story on the closed University Ave. cycle track.  Read their article here.

The Bike Lane Blockade in Syracuse | NYBC.

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