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Ride for Euclid Bike Lanes

Posted by Steve Reiter on March 24, 2015

Bill's Euclid Image

Just found this posted to our Facebook page:

The rumor is that there will be a mass ride on Saturday, March 28th to demonstrate support for installing real bike lanes on Euclid Ave. If you are interested in showing your support, ride over to the corner of Euclid and Westcott at 10AM. The route is supposed to be short, and the cyclists are supposed to be obey all traffic laws. Please pass it on, post on all your lists, share, like, and so on.

What a great idea!  Please share widely.  And please join in!

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Construction delays, lawsuit prolong building of Syracuse University bookstore, result in bike lane closures | The Daily Orange

Posted by Steve Reiter on March 25, 2015

BikeCNY was interviewed by the Daily Orange yesterday about the covered bike lane on University Ave. The article appeared today:

Construction delays, lawsuit prolong building of Syracuse University bookstore, result in bike lane closures | The Daily Orange.

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Cyclists, City of Syracuse Want Bike Lane Reopened | WRVO Public Media

Posted by Steve Reiter on March 24, 2015

Bookstore Sign

This news report on the covered-over cycle track on University Avenue aired on WRVO on March 23rd. (Note that the audio is cut short. There is additional paragraph in the text that was originally aired.)

Cyclists, city of Syracuse want bike lane reopened | WRVO Public Media.

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Agenda for March 17 BikeCNY Meeting

Posted by Steve Reiter on March 15, 2015

Please join us for another rousing meeting. 7:00 – 8:30pm at Mello Velo Cafe, 556 Westcott St. This Tuesday, we will be addressing the following topics: Portable Bike Racks; the University Cycle Track; a recent WRVO Interview; the Lake Front TNT Escrow Project Bike Rack; Onondaga Creek Walk Phase 2; Bike Safety Press Release; Euclid Ave. Bike Lane Press Release; MovingDewitt; how best to include other local cycling, transportation, and advocacy efforts; and more. Come be a part of making Syracuse a better place to get around on your bike.  We look forward to seeing you.

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Press Release: Free the Cycle Track

Posted by Steve Reiter on March 10, 2015


One block of the state-of-the-art cycle track on University Avenue has been covered over and blocked off for nearly a year, creating dangerous conditions for pedestrians, motorists, as well as cyclists. With construction halted and now stalled in litigation, there is little hope for it opening soon.

The first phase of the Connective Corridor was completed in 2012. The new bike infrastructure included a 2-lane cycle track on the East Side of University Avenue from East Genesee Street to Waverly Avenue. This first phase of the Connective Corridor cost millions of mostly-federal dollars.

In the spring of 2014, Cameron Hill Construction LLC, the developer of what was to be the new SU bookstore, covered and fenced off one block of the cycle track between Adams Street and Marshall Street. Orange signs now direct cyclists to dismount their bicycles and walk on the sidewalk on the west side of University Avenue, essentially destroying the functionality of the entire cycle track. It is unsafe, not only for bicyclists and pedestrians, but also for motorists, who must now contend with unexpected and somewhat unpredictable movement by these other users.

In June 2014, SU attempted to end their contract with Cameron due to lack of progress in construction. In July 2014, Cameron sued to block SU from doing so; and in August, the State Supreme Court granted a temporary injunction prohibiting SU from ending the agreement, simultaneously barring the Syracuse Industrial Development Agency from canceling a payment-in-lieu-of-tax agreement with Cameron pending the outcome of Cameron’s lawsuit against the university.

Since then, there has been no obvious progress. Seven months have passed while the cycle track has remained closed. This is unacceptable.

BikeCNY is a newly-resurrected Bicycle Advocacy Group in Greater Syracuse that advocates for the safety of bicyclists and the installation of new bicycle infrastructure.

BikeCNY calls on city leaders to step up and resolve this issue so that the cycle track is functional in time for bicyclists to use it when spring weather arrives.

The developer has a permit from the city to close the cycle track. That permit should be revoked and the developer given a deadline to restore the cycle track and remove the fence.

There are a lot of smart, well-paid people involved with this issue from the City, the developer, and the University. BikeCNY requests that they work together to resolve this issue so the people who helped to pay for the cycle track can again use it.

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NYBC’s Executive Director Resigns

Posted by Steve Reiter on February 11, 2015

New York Bicycling Coalition announces the resignation of our Executive Director, Josh Wilson, who has served in the position since 2013.

Under his tenure Josh built the financial and political strength of the organization, and from day one he sought new and more effective ways of achieving progress toward NYBC’s mission.  Mr. Wilson worked to equip the Coalition with the resources necessary to deliver statewide programs and campaigns aimed at addressing issues with statewide implications for all cyclists. Thanks to his efforts, NYBC has developed stronger relationships with state government, fellow advocacy organizations, tourism agencies and bicycle-related businesses.

“On behalf of NYBC’s Board of Directors we want to thank Josh Wilson for his past two year’s of extraordinary service and leadership to our organization – and to the bike movement in New York State,” says Paul Winkeller, Board President of New York Bicycling Coalition.  “Josh has worked successfully on numerous fronts at the local, regional and statewide level here in New York – and on national issues in his role helping to lead the NYS delegation at the annual National Bike Summit in Washington, D.C.  His efforts have ranged from innovative bike safety related programming with our partners at the Governor’s Traffic Safety Committee; leading a demonstration project that we are confident will lead to bikes on board Amtrak;  smart and realistic legislative advocacy in our State Capitol; and providing support and technical assistance to dozens of projects and partners across New York State.

Josh will step-down as Executive Director at the end of March, but will continue working for NYBC as a legislative advocate on a part-time basis.  In April he will assume leadership of a local trails organization which advocates for, builds, and maintains a network of community-based trails for mountain biking and skiing in the Adirondack High Peaks region, where he currently resides.

“I want to thank the people I’ve worked with across the state for sharing your knowledge and passion for bicycling with me over the past two years.  Working for New York Bicycling Coalition and its members has been a great honor for me as a cyclist and as a New Yorker,” says Mr. Wilson.  “I am so fortunate to have served as a voice for people who are simply seeking safe, accessible, and fun places to ride bikes in New York State.  My involvement in the bicycle advocacy at the state and national level will not end here, and I look forward to staying involved with NYBC in the years to come.”

NYBC will look to fill the position as soon as possible and will post a job announcement in the coming days.  

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Agenda for Upcoming BikeCNY Meeting – February 17, 2015

Posted by Steve Reiter on February 10, 2015

Please join us in one week, on Tuesday February 17th at 7pm for the monthly BikeCNY meeting. 

Topics up for discussion include:
  • Review the 1/28/2015 Common Council DPW Committee meeting on the University Hill Bike Network Project.
  • Work on press release for public Service regarding bike safety in April or May.
  • Progress on Portable temporary bike racks for events?
  • Update on opening the University Avenue cycle-track in the bookstore block.
  • What can be done to move the Euclid Bike infrastructure forward.
  • Report on Moving DeWitt meeting on Feb 11.
  • Report on Active Transportation Advocacy Day in Albany on Feb 2.

We will be meeting at Mello Velo Cafe.  Click here for directions to Mello Velo.

We look forward to having you join us.

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Sustainability and the Interstate 81 Challenge

Posted by Steve Reiter on February 4, 2015

Green Bag Lunch

Date & Time: March 6; Noon – 1:30 pm

Location: Syracuse Center of Excellence
727 East Washington Street, Room 203

Confirmed Panelists to date:
Robert Haley, AIA, Architect, Urban Design Center
Peter Sarver, Moving People Transportation Coalition

This Event is Free.
Attendees are welcome to bring their Green Bag Lunch!
Seating is limited. Registration Required

GreeningUSA and the Syracuse Center of Excellence Center for Sustainable Community Solutions invite community members and experts to participate and be recognized for their contributions to any of the 12 Traits of Sustainability!

You will help our community move toward sustainability, while helping to create a model for communities across the country to use!

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Tomorrow: Advocates Ask Albany to Guarantee Bike/Ped Funds | Streetsblog New York City

Posted by Steve Reiter on February 2, 2015

Two BikeCNY members are hoping to make it to this event. May the snow and wind stop.

Tomorrow: Advocates Ask Albany to Guarantee Bike/Ped Funds | Streetsblog New York City.

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Upstate NY Mayor: People Who Bike in the Winter “Should Be Arrested” | Streetsblog USA

Posted by Steve Reiter on January 29, 2015

And now for the opposite way of dealing with it from our previous post.

Upstate NY Mayor: People Who Bike in the Winter “Should Be Arrested” | Streetsblog USA.

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