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Cycle Track in on Waverly and Comstock

Posted by Steve Reiter on October 30, 2014

I just rode my bike back from an event on the SU campus, on Waverly, near Comstock.  I was surprised that the cycle tracks were already in place along Waverly and Comstock south to Euclid.

The cycle track runs along the south side of Waverly and connects with the track on the west side of Comstock.  Both roads have been reduced to two lanes of auto traffic.

On Waverly, bike traffic is separated from auto traffic by marked parking for a row of cars and a 2-foot striped strip (to decrease the possibility of dooring).  With some minor exceptions, all the cars were parked where they were supposed to be, providing a comforting barrier between where I was riding and moving traffic.

It was a pleasure to use them, actually… but being it was dark, and not knowing how the left turn was supposed to work, I just kept going south on Comstock past Euclid.

Paul Mercurio mentioned that there will be more happening to facilitate access to the cycle track from Euclid, but it is not clear to me when that will occur or what it will look like.  My understanding is that the cycle track also connects with the University Ave. cycle track, which now makes the University Ave. track more valuable to get to and from downtown (with the obvious exception of the dirt covering the track at the stalled bookstore construction on University Ave).

Go give it a try.


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