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Cycle in the City Ride – September 10th

Posted by Steve Reiter on September 6, 2017

The September 10th bike rides, as usual, start at 9 am from the Creekwalk trailhead near the M.O.S.T. on Jefferson Street.

This month’s ride repeats last year’s September ride and goes through many of the city’s parks. Since many of the parks are located on hills, there will be hills on this ride, although nothing that is long and steep. The parks included are Sunnycrest, Lincoln, Schiller, and Thornden (only on the long ride). The rides are about 11 miles and 16 miles long.

(You might be able to find a map of the route here: , but last time I looked, it listed the August ride and no map was connected to the link.)
But you can find an article about these rides in the Daily Orange.

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Cycle in the City Ride this Sunday 7/16

Posted by Steve Reiter on July 13, 2017

A message from John Allen: Sorry to be a little late this month – things are crazy at home.

This months ride repeats one from last year. The short ride (10.5 miles) is primarily and intentionally in bike lanes. It goes through the university area, which means that it goes up the hill on University Avenue and then up more hill on Comstock. There is one more hill coming back on E Genesee Street. I would not describe it has particularly hilly but there were some people last year who considered it hillier than they liked.

The longer ride (14.5 miles) follows the same route but includes a loop along Nottingham Road, which involves some uphill and then a good downhill to Jamesville Road. Good brakes are needed. We will pass the future location of the DeWitt Library, which is on Jamesville Road.

The rides begin at 9 am from the Creek Walk trailhead in Armory Square. Jefferson Street next to the M.O.S.T.

Sorry that I missed the June ride. My back has pretty much recovered, even surviving a solo drive to North Carolina and back last week. I may be a little slower than usual, having done a total of 18 miles in the past five weeks.

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Cycle in the City

Posted by Steve Reiter on June 13, 2017

The June Cycle in the City rides will be on Father’s Day, June 18th, beginning at 9 a.m. at the Creek Walk trailhead on Jefferson Street near the M.O.S.T.

The rides are a variation of a ride we did last year that, for the long ride, includes the Bear Trap Creek trail that runs next to 81N. While there are some hills on the routes there are no steep hills.

In May we had enough people on the longer ride that it would have been better to have divided into two separate groups. If anyone is interested in leading a group on the upcoming long ride, let John Allen ( know and he will send the map so that you have time to become familiar with it. He expects that he would lead the second group and probably ride a little slower than the first group.

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Cycle in the City Ride Sunday Oct 4th

Posted by Steve Reiter on October 2, 2015

The October Cycle in the City ride will be this coming Sunday (October 4th) at 9 am beginning at the trail head of the Creek Walk in Armory Square (Jefferson Street). This is the last ride for this year.

Both the short ride and the long ride will use the same route, with a couple of extensions to make the long route longer. The short route is about 11.6 miles long. The long route has an additional loop of about a mile and then a ride out the Creek Walk to Onondaga Lake (and back) at the end.

The route uses a few streets that we have not used (or used much) including Milton Avenue, Green Street, Butternut Street, and Rugby. The routes should be on the City and County (Health Dept) website in the next day or two, hopefully, at

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Cycle in the City – Sunday Sep 13th

Posted by Steve Reiter on September 10, 2015

Join a bevy of other folks, both new and experienced cyclists, for another Cycle in the City
When: Sun, September 13, 10am – 12:00 pm
Where: Creekwalk Trailhead, Jefferson St., at the west end of the Armory, Downtown, Syracuse, NY (map)
CYCLE IN THE CITY is a series of FREE guided bicycle rides through Syracuse on various Sundays throughout the year. The last two for 2015 are this coming Sunday, September 13, and Sunday October 4. Please note the new location. The Rides this Sunday start at 10:00 a.m. No registration is required. The Basic ride is 13 miles, but there is also an 18 mile route.
Helmets are required! Riders must be age 12 or older. Questions? Call 435-3280.
Here is a link to the ride maps for this Sunday.
Routes will be posted the week before each ride at

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Cycle in the City this Sunday 8/16

Posted by Steve Reiter on August 14, 2015

Cycle in the City

Free Guided Bike Rides in Syracuse

Choose a 10 or 16 mile Ride.

Rides start at 9am, Sunday August 16 at Jefferson Street in Armory Square at the Creekwalk Trailhead.



Route for this Ride:

Other dates:  September 13, October 4

For more information call 435-3280

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Ride Leaders and Support Riders Wanted for Cycle in the City

Posted by Steve Reiter on April 29, 2015

The city of Syracuse and Onondaga County Health Department sponsors monthly Sunday morning group rides during bicycle season. The schedule for the 2015 Cycle in the City rides can be found below.
SundayMay 17
SundayJune 21
SundayJuly 19
SundayAugust 16
SundaySeptember 13
SundayOctober 4
The rides are a lot of fun and a great way to meet and network with fellow bicyclists.  The rides also provide a safe ride for  less experienced riders and help them to gain confidence in their ability ride on the city streets and town roads.  My hope is that eventually the less experienced riders will ride more and more on their own on the city streets and town roads.  This will help every one because more  bike riders will lead to more attentive drivers and safer rides for everyone.
The Cycle in the City rides start at 9:00 am.  The rides begin and end at Armory Square at the Onondaga Creek Walk Trail Head – on West Jefferson Street near the Sound Garden and the MOST.  The rides are free.  Every month there are different routes that wind through different parts of the city and adjacent towns.   In the week before the Cycle in the City ride, the ride routes are posted on the Onondaga County Health Department web page.  There are printed copies of the map routes available at the start of the ride.
The hope is to have 2 different rides.  One ride is approximately 10 miles long and the other ride is approximately 20 miles long.  In order to to heve 2 rides, we need volunteer 6 ride leaders for each Cycle in the City.   We would like 3 leaders each for the 10 mile ride and the 20 mile ride .   One ride leader is at the front end, one at the rear end and one in the middle of the pack to try to keep the riders  together.
We would also like one person for each ride to be a support rider. This support rider would ride with his or her bike tool / tire patch / frame pump kit and ride towards the rear of the ride.  They would help less experienced riders that have flat tires or minor mechanical issues, to continue the ride.
If you are  able to assist as a volunteer ride leader or support rider for one or more of the scheduled Cycle in the City rides, send a message using the contact form and it will be forwarded to the appropriate person.

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