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Bike to Work Week – Press Conference at City Hall

Posted by Steve Reiter on May 8, 2007

In preparation for Bike to Work Week (May 14th – 18th), there will be a press conference at city hall tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 11am. The mayor is planning to participate.

If you have the flexibility and desire to attend, your presence would be appreciated as we continue to forge energy for a more bicycle friendly city.

I hope to see you there… and sorry for the short notice.


4 Responses to “Bike to Work Week – Press Conference at City Hall”

  1. John Fritzen said

    Meh, political posturing. The bicycle equivalent of kissing babies. I’d like to see some real change in the city, not just the “Republic of SU”.


  2. I would be moved to say the same thing, John, except that I’ve been involved in this process for a while now with the city. After many irregularly held meetings and multiple communications about projects, we have now arranged quarterly meetings with a member of the mayor’s office and the deputy commissioner of DPW, Pete O’Connor… sometimes with a consultant to the city, sometimes not.

    Their agenda, which appears to be driven by Mayor Driscoll (but guided by our interactions and their own initiative), is to increase the number of roads that have cycling facilities on them. By this, I mean bike lanes and various signage for share the road, bike routes, etc.

    To start, this year, Mr. O’Connor has rearranged the painting schedule so that the painters restripe all existing lanes in the spring, right after the pools are finished, rather than in the fall, just before winter’s wrath wipes them away.

    They will be adding new signage on Euclid this spring or summer. And we have a 40 mile plus grid of the city that we’re in process deciding what comes next.

    In related work, NY state is planning to restripe E. Genesee street, from the city line to East Ave., with bike lanes on both sides. The city is now looking at continuing lanes along E. Genessee west as far as they can go before parking starts… somewhere near Cherry St., with a link over to Erie Blvd, near to where the state’s prospective Canalway Trail will be passing (in a yet-to-be-determined location), hopefully in 2008.

    Of course, there is always room for disappointment and pessimism. Syracuse doesn’t have the money to run its schools, so setting aside the oodles of money it would take to reconstruct streets to allow for better bike facilities will have to wait until grants and other funding is found. A lot of our streets are not conducive to adding bike lanes, but this is what we’re working on.

    With more signage, more conversation, more presence on the streets of the city, our hope is that more people will get involved, more energy and dollars will be earmarked… etc.

    Regards –


  3. John Fritzen said

    Don’t think that I do not appreciate the efforts of the advocates and other people doing the hard work on this. The improvements in the last year give much hope. Some of the proposals sound great and I hope they come to fruition. I understand that the city has very limited resources, and bike facilities being low on the list.

    I will be there today.


  4. I understand both your passion and your doubt. And I appreciate that you’re “one of us.” See you at the press conference.


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