Building a Bike-Friendly Community

Update on Syracuse Bike Lanes

Posted by Steve Reiter on October 22, 2014

Paul Mercurio, Syracuse’s traffic planner and bike coordinator, met with us yesterday and reported a number of projects in the works.

Some of What’s Going On Now

A new cycle-track going in now on Waverly and Comstock, to connect the University Ave. cycle-track with Euclid Ave. There have been some changes to the intersection of Euclid and Comstock (now there’s a northbound turn lane into campus and a new bike box coming out of campus) and more will happen in the next few months or early spring.

All new projects will use epoxy paint, instead of latex, which wears off so quickly. Epoxy will be installed by contractors, as the city does not yet have the equipment to use epoxy.  It is anticipated that the city will have its own epoxy-paint sprayers in a year or two.

Plans are in the works for bike lanes on Salina Street, from Adams to Water Streets. The design calls for the bike lane between parked cars and the curb. While not as good as a cycle-track, it does separate the cyclist from moving vehicles.

Current work on the Connective Corridor through downtown is drawing to a close for the winter. But the plan is for a bike lane that makes its way to Fayette Street west of State St., then turns into a sharrow for the remaining blocks to Salina St.

West St now has separated bike lanes through much of its length. Further refinements, including signage and signals, will be coming. Treatment of Onondaga St. at the south end of West St. is being studied.

This new activity — and more that I know I have forgotten — is well-appreciated.  Obviously, there is much more to be done.  A high priority for BikeCNY is on creating connecting bicycle infrastructure throughout the city, so that people can use their bikes to get safely from north to south and east to west.

We encourage you to join us in making this happen.


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