Building a Bike-Friendly Community

Bike Lanes Now Open on East Genesee Street!

Posted by Steve Reiter on September 10, 2007

You may have seen them (unfortunately, I don’t have a photo of them yet), but the State DOT installed bike lanes on E. Genesee St. from East Ave. (near Nottingham High School) to the Dewitt city line.  You will see one traffic lane in each direction, a center turn lane, and a bike lane on each side.  Very nice.  There is still a need for signage to indicate the bike lanes and, perhaps that the center lane is for left turns only.

Next step:  The city indicates it intends to continue the same layout from East Ave. west to Cherry St.  That will get folks who wish to continue west the ability to get over the hill and past Westcott St., a stretch which is currently completely uninviting for cyclists.


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