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Cycle Track in on Waverly and Comstock

Posted by Steve Reiter on October 30, 2014

I just rode my bike back from an event on the SU campus, on Waverly, near Comstock.  I was surprised that the cycle tracks were already in place along Waverly and Comstock south to Euclid.

The cycle track runs along the south side of Waverly and connects with the track on the west side of Comstock.  Both roads have been reduced to two lanes of auto traffic.

On Waverly, bike traffic is separated from auto traffic by marked parking for a row of cars and a 2-foot striped strip (to decrease the possibility of dooring).  With some minor exceptions, all the cars were parked where they were supposed to be, providing a comforting barrier between where I was riding and moving traffic.

It was a pleasure to use them, actually… but being it was dark, and not knowing how the left turn was supposed to work, I just kept going south on Comstock past Euclid.

Paul Mercurio mentioned that there will be more happening to facilitate access to the cycle track from Euclid, but it is not clear to me when that will occur or what it will look like.  My understanding is that the cycle track also connects with the University Ave. cycle track, which now makes the University Ave. track more valuable to get to and from downtown (with the obvious exception of the dirt covering the track at the stalled bookstore construction on University Ave).

Go give it a try.

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Diane Rehm Show on Cycling Safety Today

Posted by Steve Reiter on October 30, 2014

Here’s the link to listen to the show.  There was some concern that the majority of the time would be spent looking at a recent safety study, the validity of which has been questioned… but it was an interesting and mainly positive discussion.

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Update on Syracuse Bike Lanes

Posted by Steve Reiter on October 22, 2014

Paul Mercurio, Syracuse’s traffic planner and bike coordinator, met with us yesterday and reported a number of projects in the works.

Some of What’s Going On Now

A new cycle-track going in now on Waverly and Comstock, to connect the University Ave. cycle-track with Euclid Ave. There have been some changes to the intersection of Euclid and Comstock (now there’s a northbound turn lane into campus and a new bike box coming out of campus) and more will happen in the next few months or early spring.

All new projects will use epoxy paint, instead of latex, which wears off so quickly. Epoxy will be installed by contractors, as the city does not yet have the equipment to use epoxy.  It is anticipated that the city will have its own epoxy-paint sprayers in a year or two.

Plans are in the works for bike lanes on Salina Street, from Adams to Water Streets. The design calls for the bike lane between parked cars and the curb. While not as good as a cycle-track, it does separate the cyclist from moving vehicles.

Current work on the Connective Corridor through downtown is drawing to a close for the winter. But the plan is for a bike lane that makes its way to Fayette Street west of State St., then turns into a sharrow for the remaining blocks to Salina St.

West St now has separated bike lanes through much of its length. Further refinements, including signage and signals, will be coming. Treatment of Onondaga St. at the south end of West St. is being studied.

This new activity — and more that I know I have forgotten — is well-appreciated.  Obviously, there is much more to be done.  A high priority for BikeCNY is on creating connecting bicycle infrastructure throughout the city, so that people can use their bikes to get safely from north to south and east to west.

We encourage you to join us in making this happen.

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Meeting with Syracuse Traffic Planner Paul Mercurio on 10/21

Posted by Steve Reiter on October 20, 2014

After a long pause, BikeCNY started meeting again this past summer.  (After an even longer pause, I updated the website.)

We will be meeting at 5:30 on Tuesday, October 21, 2014 at the Brady Faith Center, 404 South Ave.,
Syracuse, New York 13204. (Across from the Southwest Community Center).

Come join us!

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Interstate Bicycle System

Posted by Steve Reiter on December 2, 2010

Here’s an article in Yes! Magazine about the Interstate Bicycle System proposed by U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood.

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Mia Birk to present in Syracuse 11/18.

Posted by Steve Reiter on November 17, 2010

Mia Birk, who is presenting at the Active Transportation Symposium in Ithaca this weekend, will be speaking at ESF on Thursday evening.  All are invited.
Mia Birk, Principal and CEO
Alta Planning + Design


Joyride: Transforming Communities and Empowering People, One Pedal Stroke at a Time
Thursday, November 18, 2010
5:15 p.m.
409 Marshall Hall


Please join us on Thursday afternoon for a presentation by Mia Birk, author of Joyride: Pedaling Toward a Healthier Planet.  A dedicated bicyclist, Ms. Birk is an international environmental advocate who has twenty years of experience in “sustainable transportation focused on pedestrian, bicycle, trail, and greenway planning, design and implementation”.   Her firm, Alta Planning + Design which employs a staff of 60 in 7 offices nationwide, specializes in bicycle, pedestrian, and trail planning, design, and implementation.


After completing her BA in Government and French at the University of Texas she received her M.A. in International Relations & Economics from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, Bologna, Italy and Washington, DC.  In her position as Adjunct Professor at Portland State University (PSU) she founded their Initiative for Bicycle and Pedestrian Innovation (IBPI).
For more information on Ms. Birk and her work please visit

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Active Transportation Symposium in Ithaca November 18-20

Posted by Steve Reiter on November 11, 2010

Mia Birk is coming to Ithaca for the Active Transportation Symposium on November 18-20.

Mia is CEO of Alta Planning + Design, co-founder of the Institute for Bike and Pedestrian Foundation, adviser to the Post Carbon Institute, author of Joyride: Pedaling Toward a Healthier Planet, and former Bike Program Manager of Portland, Oregon.

Mia has been a lifelong advocate for bicycle infrastructure, and has pushed forward many of the most dramatic streetscape changes in the nation.  Alta Planning + Design has partnered with Syracuse, NY to plan and inform bicycle developments, and her mission of transforming roads to accommodate daily cycling for transportation, fitness, sustainability, and recreation is directly in line with BikeCNY’s mission.

I hope you can find your way down to Ithaca for all or part of this symposium.

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Posted by Steve Reiter on October 21, 2010

Check out this site for StreetFilms, where you can find videos of transformations of cityscapes around the world.  Interesting stuff, including right here in New York!

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Bike Lanes in NYC – slower and more dangerous?

Posted by Steve Reiter on September 27, 2010

Take a look at this video of bike lane use in New York City.  Slow riders, pedestrians, trucks, taxis, left-turning cars, car doors… and a carpet… add up to lack of safety for riders who have a long way to go and are comfortable riding faster.

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Onondaga County Transportation and Community Planning Survey

Posted by Steve Reiter on September 21, 2010

Onondaga County is conducting an online survey (as well as a statistically sampled mailed survey) addressing issues of community planning and transportation.  Please fill out the online form here:  If you also receive a paper copy in the mail, please fill that out also, as they are being tabulated separately.

  • assess residents’ values and attitudes toward land development and infrastructure investments,
  • test acceptance of a variety of concepts in land use and transportation planning, and
  • help understand residents travel habits and desired improvements to the transportation system.

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